Monday, August 10, 2009

Rain and the Existential Garden

Rain, Glorious Rain!!
I had given up completely. I was at peace with it. There would be no rain and I would continue through the final weeks of our precious summer rationing out the scant well water to my tenacious but parched plants.
The weather man was beginning to remind me of a guy I had dated long ago during a season of very poor decision making. He broke promise after promise and I knew it was in the very nature of the man to do so. I wanted and even needed to believe in his lies, in his stories of better days and happier times yet to come. And just like that putz from way back then, our weather man finally got lucky. (no, not that lucky) One of the many days he promised reward for my faithfulness, “later, tomorrow, the day after…” it finally came. The rain came. Is it enough? Probably not. Is it welcomed? Absolutely! Hey, after all that’s how these guys stay in business. They get lucky just often enough to make us forget all those endless fruitless hours spent waiting on the promises that never deliver.

I’ll keep “dating” my weather man but the other guy is long gone in the dust heap of history. I honestly don’t even remember his name, Bill.

Onto promises that are producing results. The Oriental lilies are performing beautifully. I have found myself completely enamored of them and just insist on having fields and fields of them. Well that’s odd, suddenly I hear Scarlett O’Hara in my head. I’ll have to check the date on my meds. Well anyway, the lilies are the most heavenly thing in the garden. I am an absolute sucker for beautiful scents and these beauties are splendid. Lying in bed last night I could smell their perfume coming in on the cool night air. This was all the more enchanting to me because they are quite some distance away. Another fantastic scent that is currently wafting through the windows is the chocolate mint in the Blue Garden. The rain seems to have activated it and the air is now filled with a fresh minty fragrance. I brush by it when I feed the birds in the morning and it is always a delicious event but rain brushed mint is wonderfully new to me.

Scent is such a primal sensation. It bypasses all the thinking centers of the brain and activates memory and instinct instantly. It can make you fall in love again or break your heart with a sad memory. It can cause fear and loathing or bring you peace and happiness. If utilized with skill it is possible to create an emotional journey within the garden by using all the senses. I am working on recasting an environment that will signal the emotional triggers I wish to cultivate by building in layers of experiential elements of the senses and how they connect to the mind and spirit. I see this project as a dimensional creation that in turn creates something which cannot be seen directly.

Now that’s a pretty wordy way to say I want to feel good in my garden. I’m just a lot more deliberative than I like to let on. I figure everything has a purpose and I’d like to tune that to my every advantage. The time we have is so fleeting and it is far too easy to let it slip by unnoticed. I want to make sure that I am getting every little drop of nector out of this sweet and difficult ride.


  1. What a fantastic post! The last couple of sentences are wonderful. **The time we have is so fleeting and it is far too easy to let it slip by unnoticed. I want to make sure that I am getting every little drop of nectar out of this sweet and difficult ride.**

    I am so glad you have finally gotten rain, and hope you get some more. Things are so much more precious when we have had to do without them.

    The scents filling the air around your space sound lovely.

    Keep enjoying and have a great day LeSan.


  2. Oh thank you so much for that compliment. :-)

    We have had the greatest rain sun mix the past few days and I am just eating it up and hopefully the plants are too!