Monday, September 21, 2009

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

Well it's late September and I really should be getting back to school... no, that's not right. That's Rod Stewart. Then again I am beginning to think that if a garden could be Rod Stewart this might be what it would look like. Kind of wild and out of control, doesn't know it's getting late in his career so he just keeps belting them out like he was in the spring of his youth.
I had been feeling pretty low because my recent computer meltdown vaporized some important files. I lost things I had been working on and photographs that I will never get back. It hasn't been the best of times, it hasn't been the worst of times and thankfully it hasn't been the winter of my discontent...yet. Winter will come soon enough but for now it's Rod Stewart time in the garden.

You might think that late September would see the summer flowers fading into that golden glow of lowering sunlight. You might think that. You would apparently be wrong as far as my garden is concerned. I certainly was. I had planned on building up the compost pile with worn out old stems and thin wrinkled leaves. Instead I find my garden decked out in tight spandex pants with gold chains hanging down a much too open silk shirt belting out "Hot Legs" and "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy."

Seriously guys, what are you doing putting out poppies in September? And the roses? Not just one or two easy listening ballads but a whole show of spirited full body rockers. The honeysuckle is putting on an entire encore that rivals the original. The nasturtium is refusing to leave the stage and the monarda is acting like Mick Jagger at a groupie convention. Believe it or not I actually have forget-me-nots with tiny flowers and there is even an oriental lily coming up!

Like I said, I have been pretty bummed about the losses on my computer. I was upset about the time and work that was forever lost and photo memories of a great summer that had vanished like real time. (cue the tiny violins) Then I heard the music coming from the garden.

It wasn't a somber dirge or a sad song of lost love and betrayal. No, it was "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Forever Young" belted out in the bold vibrant colors of youth that knows no limit. A youth that only knows the moment of now and that forever is today. I don't know if I am actually learning anything about gardening but I am sure learning something about living and soaking up the sun while it's shining. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some spandex pants to slip into.


  1. I love this post! I woke up in a blue funk this morning and this brought in some sunshine and joy for living life today.

    Thank you LeSan.


  2. Yep, those flowers are definitely sexy.
    Funny post Lesan.

  3. You are right, this summer is out of control, it doesn't want to leave! Your garden is proving it. We went to Rod's concert recently, I could hear him singing while looking at your flowers (although you have a different music as the background on your blog). Happy gardening to you!

  4. I love your descriptions--spandex, LOL! Sorry about the computer issues; those stink. But at least you have some fun to look at as inspiration.

  5. FlowerLady, I am so happy I could add something to your day. hehe

    Thanks Rosey, my flowers thank you. Oh, and the monarda wants to know what your doing later tonight. ;-)

    Tatyana I appreciated that you mentioned the music. I thought it might be too much but I figure I can do it for this post so I changed it. I think it was the alyssum that got me thinking about Rod Stewart's hair. Saw him not too long ago and that man is an inspiration to be sure.

    Tara, we should never forget spandex...lest it make a resurgence. oww, these pants are pinching...

  6. I like it even more now! I am dancing in my chair!

  7. OMG LeSan you should've tried publishing this in a garden magazine. So clever! Thanks for the smile.
    (my magazine articles paid for a new computer. Something to think about, though we'd be missing your wit in posts like this!)

  8. Tatyana it was a great suggestion/reminder and you're right, it is more fun now. Thanks!

    TerryLynn I am so not worthy of your flattery though it sure makes me feel good. LOL So, uh... how many articles did it take to get that new computer anyway...?just,yaknow,curious...

  9. Sorry about the computer meltdown, but how glorious that it amplified that crazy beat going on in the garden. There are some who wouldn't have heard it at all.

  10. LeSan, you caused my dog to be a bit unhappy with me as my laughing out loud disturbed her peace and quiet. She's back to her rest now. I loved this post! Your flowers do look awesome! I'm sorry you had such problems with your computer, though.

  11. With flowers blooming like this, it sure looks like there's a concert in your garden.

  12. Cute post LeSan! Yes, I think your garden is "sexy". Love your garden.

  13. Damn!! that is one sexy bloom. lolz. what a lovey post which brought instant smiles!!!!!

  14. Amy thank you for the "computer compassion" and thank you for taking the time to comment. I can't stop hearing "Hot Legs" every time I go out there now.

    Sue I am sorry to hear that I disturbed Hiedie's rest. LOL I am however real happy that you enjoyed it. ;-)

    Autumn Belle, the hubby and I have been out there with our Bick lighters on high trying to get a second encore.

    Miss Daisy thank you for that. :-) My garden thanks you and would like to buy you a drink. hehe

    Huhammad khabbab, Thank you! I am so pleased that you enjoyed this post and very happy that you took the time to comment. :-)