Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nobody asked you!

It was sunny today. Bright beautiful sunny. And I went outside and stayed there until the trees ate the sun away. I spread a blanket out between the waterfalls grabbed a pillow and laid there with the sun on my face and the sound of rushing water from where there should only be rocks. I snapped of a dried twig of catmint and reveled in its warm nostalgic scent. I ignored the weeds and the grass that is sneaking in and just rolled over to look at the fishes now schooling about in the pond. It was a lovely day…and it is the 9th of February. It was an odd day.

We have actually been having a number of these odd days. So much so that everything and I truly do mean everything is sprouting and raring to go. I figure we are at least a month and a half ahead of schedule for even and early spring. Some years, feels like most, we don’t get spring until sometime in May. That’s if we get spring at all that is. Last year we had snow at the end of March and it was snow tire snow, well at least at our elevation it was. This year it’s February and my rose bushes are leafing out.

Now at first I was completely flummoxed by this turn of events. I needed the rest. I have things to do in the house, I have a new writing project to work on, I have to paint and most of all; I just want to sit on my butt and do nothing for a little while. And that would not include being sick with swine flu—twice, thank you very much. Did I mention that the new not leaking water heater is not exactly heating? No? Hmm, can’t imagine how I let that slip. No worries. I’m just going to dust bathing and get on with my life.

The fishes have shown up again along with the frogs. I hadn’t seen them, the fish that is, for…wait let me check the calendar, oh that’s right—five whole minutes. They look plump slimy and happy and apparently ready for lunch. I guess they didn’t sleep long enough to forget where to show up for a meal. They’ve been hovering around the bridge and the little ones are beginning to stalk me. Did I mention that last year, I mean last week, just before putting them to bed I discovered that we had new baby fishes? Sooo cute. I’m calling them chips for the time being. Yes, that’s right. Now we have fish-n-chips. Bwaaahahaa. I really do need a nap.

So with this fine weather I have found myself rushing to do the tasks that I thought I still had a month to do. Now let’s not drag up the past with all that silly bulb talk. I had plenty of time when it all started. I can’t be held responsible for the weather turning on me like that or the fact that my bedroom tried to kill me. They’re in the ground now so we don’t need to talk about that anymore. No, I do not think I over bought bulbs or that it was unreasonable to think anything less than an army could plant 700 bulbs. Perfectly reasonable. Ask anybody, really.

I had to transplant a large-ish gunnera plant. If you don’t know what they are they are commonly referred to as dinosaur plants. You know those giant cement leaves you see in garden stores sold as bird baths and the like? The ones with the leaves are measured in feet? That’s them. They are definitely a statement piece and we have one in the only place we can actually well, have one, at the top of the pond. The only issue is that I had to make a bed for it and that is a lot of freaking dirt my friends! Last year I thought it might have not been enough dirt and was convinced that I needed to dig it up and rebuild the bed with even larger amounts of dirt. I am now also convinced that this should have been done with a track hoe and several hired hands. That was not the choice I made. But hey, 700 bulbs and a giant gunnera plant, why not? It sure made moving the five foot rose bush look like a breeze.
Those are the roots on the right side of this lump.
Speaking of five foot plants…the six foot daisies needed some thinning. The word thinning is cruelly deceptive. Let me just say that when I think of flower gardening rarely do I envision swinging and ax and vehement cursing. I’m telling you what, these daisies are not thugs in the garden their a mafia gangland syndication. After that act of disrespect I’m looking for a horse head in my bed every morning.

So I bet your wondering if I have some particular point or, any point for that matter, to this post. Um, no. No, I don’t. This is just me being a little surprised that it’s apparently spring already and I have the robins to prove it. Of course this could turn ugly and we could be waking up to the white stuff killing all these over eager plants at any time. Except for the daisies of course. Nothing short of Napalm is killing those babies. As a matter of fact I’m planning on setting them loose on that field of evil blackberries out back which the Saint has taken to calling Al Qaeda. Blackberries and Daisies duking it out in a fight to the death. I’m betting on the daisies.


  1. Another great humorous post to start the day. I sure hope you don't get more winter weather after spring has sprung early for you. Everything would be confused, even your fish. I think it's amazing that they live under the ice all winter.

    Look at your rose bush sending out new growth. Pretty soon it will be giving you beautiful blooms.

    Enjoy dear heart.


  2. Che bella sensazione che mi hai fatto provare!! i primi raggi di sole, quelle bellissime iris reticulata che paiono catturare dei pezzi di cielo, il rumore dell'acqua che scorre...è bello sentire che la primavera sta per arrivare! Beata te, che godi già delle prime piccole ma preziose fioriture! Qui in toscana da me fa ancora molto freddo, ma grazie a te, ho potuto già assaporare un po' di tepore primaverile!

  3. I envy your spring weather. We're cold and expecting sleet, maybe snow. Does that seem upside down, to you? The north should be colder than the south, right?
    I guess it'll come, soon enough.

    I like your mafia daisies. Wonder if they're tough enough for deer?

  4. Yes, we had several sunny days too! I usually grab a folding chair and move it where the sun is. Or, lie down on a bench and try to get as much vitamin D as I can. Weeds are growing and blooming. Spring is around the corner. Maybe. I am afraid that we might see some white stuff yet. Your daisies sound scary.I think I might be naive - I plant them here and there in my garden...

  5. Lying on a blanket outside in February does seem like an odd thing, but it was gorgeous out. I feel like I'm rushing to get some things done that could normally wait, like adding soil to the bed I enlarged in January. When I have I ever been digging and enlarging beds in January? The whole time I'm out there I keep thinking of how many people can't even see the dirt now for all the snow.
    Don't you love finding the baby fish, they are so cute! Good luck with the daisies, I won't be surprised if they beat out the blackberries either!

  6. Oh, I wish it were that way here! We've had our spring somewhat delayed. This time last year I had things blooming. Now we're having freezes at night, and my plants look stunned, to say the least.

  7. The way you describe things, your little oasis sounds lovely. I'm ready for spring, too. I hope you get to keep yours with no interuptions from winter.

  8. I do so envy you LeSan... being able to garden in February!! I hope winter is kind to you and stays away! Sweet photos of your frog and fish. I love this last photo which looks like a mosaic! I hope you have not hurt your back with that root ball! I know it seems odd to have to take an ax or other weapon upon our plants but we all do from time to time... dividing is no task for the fainthearted. ;>) ps... I want to thank you so for your dear comment on my last post... you watered my eyes! Thank you! Thank you! Carol

  9. Laying out on a blanket in the outdoors and enjoying the sunny but cool day and watching your cute little fishes, frogs and flowers is such a nice thing to do. See, I am already dreaming and flying off to visit Heidi and her grandpa to look at the green pastures and the beautiful snow peaked Alps.....

    LeSan, Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Lying outside on a blanket sounds lovely - but it's just not going to happen over here for a good couple of months yet ...at least!

    I laughed at your description of dealing with gunnera and daisies - until it reminded me that I haven't yet split my black bamboo. You're not the only one wielding axes!!!

  11. Hi LeSan,

    We finally had a little snow here --just enough to make for some winter art. But apparently more is coming. It sounds rather magical down your way, or over your way. Hard to pinpoint you geographically in my mind, since mentally you always feel like you're right next door.

    Take care,