Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A night visit in the garden

I just spent some time out in the garden tonight which I have not actually done before. We don't have lighting out there yet so there was only the fading light in the sky for illumination. We have worked so hard and for so long that I have not had the physical energy left at the end of the day to venture back into the gardens at night. With only the stars and moon to see by I was able to see the gardens in a whole new way.

In the daylight I see what still needs to be done and what just isn't working. How this plant is doing or that one needs trimming and so on. I look for the best photo ops I can find or the newest birds and butterflies. What I don't do is just BE. I don't let myself see just how much is actually growing out there in what was just three years ago a deep gravel patch.

Tonight I was able to simply see not the individual plants or flowers but the whole of the garden. In the fading light you only see the shapes and masses. You can smell the flowers, the honeysuckle, hear the frogs and the sounds of the waterfalls tumbling and splashing as the breeze blows through the trees. At night you can't see what you need to do or haven't done. You can only see what you have done.

It was a good night.

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  1. Night ventures into our gardens are a whole different world. Your gardens sound lovely, especially the sounds of waterfalls tumbling and splashing. Aaaahhhh!

    Happy Gardening day and night ~ FlowerLady