Monday, June 22, 2009

Acts of insanity

Today I began pick axing the gravel driveway in what will become a long narrow bed to separate the driveway from the garden. It has long been a thorn in my side that the driveway ran right up to the garden and all down the length of it. I can't move the driveway nor can I afford to continue encroaching on it. I was stumped for some time but I think I have decided on the only option there is. I will dig out a long narrow trench along the length to fill and mound with soil. Then I will plant.... something ? in there to visually separate the two spaces.

The gravel is unforgiving. The only reason a human being would be out there swinging a pick ax at it is because they were wearing striped pajamas and chained to their neighbor who was also wearing striped pajamas. I however decided that I am unwilling to look at that gravel driveway even one more day. So pick ax in hand and the chiropractor on speed dial I go out there to fulfill my mission. It will be 60ft long,
1-2ft wide and as deep as I can get it. After about a foot and a half you just start hitting bedrock.

I know I'll love it when I am finished but right now I am pretty sure I need professional help... and I mean the kind that can prescribe psychotropic drugs.

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  1. LOL A chiropractor on speed dial and professional help needed for psychotropic drugs. I think our gardens are already the drugs as our minds, emotions and behavior are effected by thinking about and working in them.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady