Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Eternal Love

Every year we take this particular drive to see the fall colors. We often end up taking it twice because the first time we go too early. I am quite certain that we could eliminate this redundancy if we did a wee bit of research before hand. Each year one of us mentions this little fact and each year we both look away and pretend not to have heard a thing. We like this drive. We take our time and will often take mysterious side roads for no apparent reason other than curiosity. It adds a sense of adventure and discovery to our little drives.

We follow rivers and waterfalls to cut through mountain passes and ski resorts. There are sweeping vistas of the richest greens cushioning fierce and rugged mountain peaks with crystal clear waterfalls seeming to pour from every rock and crevice. When winter’s cold hand turns them to ice it will look as though the mountain is crying diamonds.

Passing downward we again follow along the rapid flowing river as it winds its way through the mountain pass. There are so many places to stop and marvel that it is impossible to imagine having to pick only a few. We always turn our heads to grab a quick peak at Deception Falls. That is an entirely different trip though so we have to pass it by on this one. Spring time is the best for that one when the snow is melting the falls are rushing and roaring so loud you can barely the person next to you. But this is fall so we just give it a fond glance as we pass by.

The scenery on this drive is enough to break your heart. You almost have to wonder at the purpose of such beauty. Edward O. Wilson suggested that the world was beautiful to us because we were creatures of it. In his book Consilience he connects science to beauty in such an elegant and reverent way saying that everything about who and what we are is created to perceive this beauty. It is as though our very existence were meant to rejoice in the beauty around us. I am gratefully not finding it difficult to perform this portion of my human duties.

The river winds along chasing rocks and fallen trees as we follow it to the valley below. The trees and shrubs along the way are bursting with an unimaginable explosion of color and seeing the sunlight through the autumn leaves always makes me cry. It is as if these two elements were always meant for one another. It is a beautiful love affair between them, perfect and eternal. I feel small against this spectacle. It is one of those blessed times that I am granted a clearer perspective of my own humanity.

Of course fall is one of those cozy up to the fire times full of pumpkins, hay bales and hot apple cider. It is warm and pleasant with the sweet melancholy of sepia toned photographs and faded summer flowers. There is a moment however just before that which touches my soul deeper than any memory or personal thought ever could. It is this beautiful dance between eternal lovers. When the sunlight hits those leaves its like there’s no one else in the room. It’s just them, each one glowing in the other’s gaze. And so we stop at this little grove every year to watch this dance between the sun and the trees. There will be plenty of time for pumpkins and cider but for right now I am content to watch a beautiful love story play out another chapter in this golden romance.

We will follow this river to our next stop in Leavenworth for some Bavarian fun and then onto the Wenatchee orchards for tree fresh apples and pears. There may even be some grapes left at the vineyards.


  1. Gorgeous! Your photos are very uplifting and filled with lots of vibrant energy! Great post!

  2. Good Morning: Enjoyed you post this morning. Have to tell you a story.

    First Post I read today was from Cape Cod, MA. Second one was suppose to be from east coast, turned out it was from Hawaii. Then I was in Tennessee and the post is about North Carolina. Last one was a foliage tour in Washington State. It was a very interesting journey. All have great photos and interesting writing.

    Have a Great Day,

  3. LeSan,
    IF only I could be as descriptive as you are! You just seem to say what needs to be said. I have all these words stuck in my head, and I can't get them out. But you always nail it perfectly. Thanks for the scenic photos. Truly magnificent!

  4. What a beautiful drive. We don't get that kind of color, here in Texas. If we're lucky, we have a very brief show, before the leaves fall. I can see why you return here every year.

  5. Goodness, LeSan. I couldn't believe you would hide and watch all that sunlight and those leaves doing their thing......

    Beautiful writing. Really nice.

    We don't have the fall color to herald the changing seasons. We just stop getting tomato seedlings and start getting broccoli seedlings being offered for sale. Thus, winter is heralded here.

  6. Beauty photos! WOW! And love your descriptive prose.

  7. LeSan

    I feel completely refreshed! The power of beautiful images :~D
    Do believe I need to get away from this 'puter and go for a hike!


  8. Hi LeSan - wow, what fantastic scenery and colours around you! Autumn colours arereally coming into their own here now, but they're not a patch on yours!

    Thank you so much for the Honest Scrap nomination, I'm dead chuffed! However, given that I've very recently done a '7 things you didn't know about me' meme, I'm not sure it's fair to inflict any more boring details of my life on the reading public - but i really am delighted to be noiminated :)

    As for what's going on in that "quirky head" of mine (I LOVE that description!!!)....erm, grasshopper thought processes that leap about randomly most of the time! My vague Master Plan is only slightly maniacal - honest, and I would love to have minions ... so please be assured that any application from you would be speedily accepted!!! :)

  9. So beautiful! Maybe the reason that you don't check ahead of time when the autumn colors will be at their peak is because you enjoy the journey so much?

  10. Thank you for taking me along on that fabulous drive... the beauty is astounding and your words quiet beautiful. I love your metaphors LeSan... a very delightful post! I can hear the water flowing and feel the leaves warming in the sun. Lovely! Carol

  11. LeSan, That drive is marvelous. Thanks for taking us with you. I couldn't imagine a more magical way to spend the day.

  12. What a great tour you took us on. We really need to get out and take a drive up there.
    I love your writing style and the background music goes perfectly with the pictures and story.

  13. -Kiki thank you for coming along with me on the fall tour and thank you very much for the lovely and wonderful compliment!

    -John, it sounds like you had a very full and exciting day. LOL I am flattered that you ended your tours today with me. :-)

    -Rosey you always know exactly what to say to make my day. Thank you!

    -Patchwork you may not get the fall show we do but you do get the best sky I have ever seen. I love the big skies of Texas.

    -Janie I guess this officially outs me as a peeping tom then. LOL
    Well fall foliage drives and pumpkin patches or broccoli seedlings either way it’s a clue. ;-)

    -Terry Lynn thank you for that kind compliment. Your fall photos were absolutely breathtaking!

    -Alice I am so glad you enjoyed the view. I am even more pleased that I could return the favor of inspiring you. You have been a great inspiration to me. :-)

    -Nutty Gnome thank you for taking the cruise with me, I was happy to have you along. I didn’t realize that you had recently done a 7 Fabricated Truths About Me post. I certainly wouldn’t want to put your dear readers through that again. At least not till the lawsuits are filed. LOL
    P.S. Send me a minion application. I am looking for work these days.

    -AZ Plant Lady you bet we enjoy the drive. It is great just to get into the car and be alone for a few hours with nothing to do but look at pretty scenery and talk to one another. The phone is always turned off.

    -Carol your comment is simply lovely, it warms my heart. Thank you.

    -Mary Delle you are most welcome and I am so grateful that you came along. I have always wanted to share this trip with others. It is definitely a magical day that we look forward to every year.

    -Catherine you should absolutely get out to take this drive. It is such an easy drive from where we both live. You end up in Leavenworth for a bratwurst lunch and are home dinner. I thank you from my heart for the compliment.

  14. I grew up in Michigan with rich reds, luminous yellows, luscious oranges, and dark purples. I miss the rainbow of changing leaves. Colorado is predominately yellow, though we do get some red. Thanks for the pictures.

  15. *The scenery on this drive is enough to break your heart. You almost have to wonder at the purpose of such beauty.*

    I know that feeling, LeSan! How very blessed we are to live in this wondrous world.

    And I echo the others...you are gifted in seeing and expressing all this poetry. Keep up the good work.

  16. LeSan, so happy to have found you via Tatyana's blog. Leavenworth is a place my husband and i have wanted to visit, and after this we will surely do so next year. Thanks for the beautiful autumn tour of color.

  17. Hi LeSan! Firstly, I read your Leavenworth post, and now, this one. We were on this road a couple of years ago, exactly this time of the year. You described it perfectly! You are a talented writer. Pictures are absolutely breathtaking.

  18. Tara ~Colorado definitely makes up for a few missing reds with some pretty spectacular mountains. I lived in Colorado Springs for a time when I was young. I have fond memories of the land there.

    Jewel/Pink Ink~ you really made my day with such a lovely and kind comment. Thank you so much for that. ((hugs))

    Di ~ I am so happy you found me too! I hope you will visit again soon. Tatyana has a wonderful blog and a beautiful garden. Leavenworth is a trip worth taking to be sure. If you can make it out there at the beginning of December you will not be disappointed. It is simply magical in the snow.

    Tatyana ~ Thank you very much for the generous compliment.  I am so glad that you have had the pleasure of taking this drive. We look forward to it every year. The past couple of years have been really good ones for the fall colors.

  19. Very nice blog, i'm loving it :)

  20. Hortist~ Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the compliment! I really hope you visit again. :-)

  21. God's creation is still beautiful, even though we don't always do a great job taking care of it. Beautiful post!

  22. I can't believe I missed this beautiful post, in words and pictures. Once again you have touched my heart.