Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Survivor - Extreme Home Edition episode 5

When we last left our hard headed but bloodless heroine was alone in a dimly lit room at the dark of night. The Sainted one had gone home to more cozy accommodations which lacked the tube and needle set up or the frequent interruptions by James the friendly hemoglobin peddler. And where exactly was the heroine’s blood or at least the decency to look weak and pathetic without it? Did James have a day job on some street corner selling overpriced concert tickets or questionable used cars or was this his main gig? Was the Saint resting comfortably in his warm, cozy and currently extra roomy bed? Was he wearing soft fluffy PJ's all snuggled up in the down comforter unencumbered by that otherwise pesky conscience?
Traitor. No, I’m not bitter. Why would I be bitter?
On with the story.
Nursing staff and doctors in training hovered at bedside with bemused and befuddled expressions. Tests were performed and theories posited. Probes were sent in and were promptly sent back in a mangled uninformative mess. More elaborate tests were then devised. It eventually became apparent that a large and Evil Gnome was living within our brave heroine and stealing her blood for his devious plans of world domination.

The Evil Gnome with his diabolical plans had made a single grave error that would ultimately lead to his utter destruction. He had chosen a host already engaged in heated battle with an even greater nemesis that also had designs on world domination.
There would be no quarter given to this would be tin pot dictator. She simply couldn’t be bothered. Long grueling hours in dark smoky rooms passed as heroic efforts were made to study the enemy’s weakness. Desperate ideas for daring rescue missions were hatched under the strain of to much coffee and not enough sleep. Either that or someone in a white lab coat cracked a book and said “hey, how about we do this?” “Sounds good Bob, are there any frosted donuts left?”

Oh, fine! Here’s the TMI part of the post. It was a benign tumor roughly the size of Montana. They said they needed to shrink it before they would even attempt to remove it so, they gave me hormonal drugs. The result of which was my summer of Sudden Extreme Menopause…home edition. Now, I may be a late bloomer since I haven’t even come near menopause yet but if that’s how it’s going to roll when the time does come, I’m getting a sex change or going into an induced coma. Whichever one the insurance covers, I don’t care. There’s just no way I’m ever doing that again! Did I mention…EVER! Holy cow I thought I was on fire half the time life was dull as dust and I lost the will to live and…and…just thinking about it makes me want to curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb.

Figuring out the source of the problem was just the first bit of resolving it. They had fueled me back up but the Evil Gnome was still working his evil disappearing magic operations. The supply lines needed to be reinforced and fresh troops brought in. Over the next few months they yo-yoed me between ridiculous amounts of birth control and the menopause from hell shots. I was on an iron dosage so high that the pharmacist actually laughed at me when I told him what I needed. No, he actually laughed. Out loud. He looked at me like I was two pills short of the Prozac prescript I should have been asking for. Then he gently explained that “the human body simply can’t process that much iron.” I said “Well that’s OK ‘cause it’s just going through the express lane anyway. Now give me the damn ship anchor and I’ll be on my way.”

I was instructed to eat a Caveman meets Popeye kind of diet. This also included such things as dinosaur eggs, lizard tail and pumpkin seeds all of which are apparently high in iron. As if sucking an iron ship anchor like a giant lolly pop wasn’t enough. Well I’m a good patient and since I have clearly displayed that I lack the good sense to know when I’m dying I obey the new diet rules dutifully. The dinosaur eggs tended to be a bit pricey and the lizard tail just too chewy, so I went with the pumpkin seeds. I put little jars those potential pumpkins all around the house so that I might snack on them throughout the day. I nibbled these little iron packed chips between sucking down eight million pills and moving rocks.

Yes, of course I went right back to slinging the pick axe and lugging rocks. I said I was a good patient I didn’t say I was a smart one. I’m actually a complete idiot when it comes to recognizing a limit. I took that first day off because well, I figured I had already missed most of it by the time I got back from the hospital anyway. The next day however I was right back out there on that darn ROCK digging away. It took a few days for the new juice to flush through the lines so things didn’t seem that much different at first. What’s that? Oh, where was the Saint? Safely back at work of course, where his annoying meddling in my affairs wouldn’t bother me. I always made sure to drop the pick ax and scurry back up onto the porch when I heard him coming.

I figured that we were going to need some river rock for this little project but upon learning that an Ivey League College education would cost less than the amount of rocks I needed would cost, I decided to scout out some other sources. I’ve been advised not to discuss the details but let’s just say I did find a source. I began daily trips out to the afore mentioned source and loaded my car up just until the tires began to flatten out from the weight. There was a lot space on that pond to consider so there were a lot of daily trips, sometimes three in a day. Sure I was loading and unloading rocks but I reasoned that I was actually resting more because I had to drive twenty minutes or so each way. I had to sit to drive. You can see the logic.

During this round of adventures however I began to suspect that something somewhere might be going a little askew. I began to have a little pain in my mid section. Ok, it wasn’t so little. I cried like a convicted hedge fund manager and begged to be put out of my misery. And just like that I was back in the ER visiting with all my old friends. Tests scans or whatever was done and I’m back in the too small paper gown with the blue pelt uni socks. This time I get a skinny bed with wheels and a sheet but no shower curtain. I do get my own room though, except it goes up and down and has little round buttons with numbers that light up. Cool! I’m getting sudden unplanned surgery. And I thought it was just going to be another boring night at home with the heating pad.

“That’s OK giant Evil ROCK. I’ll be back! I will be back to finish you. I’ve got my three feet down and that’s room enough for fishes. Do you hear that? Fishes!” Now I don’t know if the Evil ROCK actually heard me but I swear I heard him chuckling. Of course it may have just been the anesthesiologist.

On the next episode of Survivor Extreme Home Edition the Sainted One gets another confused call from a doctor and vows to never answer the phone again. The handsome chiropractor will actually make his appearance. No, really I promise this time he shows up. The track hoe riding neighbor and his wicked sense of timing will make an entrance and two famous Hollywood actors will share a heartwarming moment with our heroine.
See you next time on Survivor Extreme Home Edition!


  1. Sheesh, I want to just keep reading, and reading, to see exactly what was causing your problem. Bless your heart LeSan. I am so glad you are here with us to share your story. I love your sense of humor. Eagerly awaiting the next episode.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh, LeSan,
    I am more of a baby than you. My knee and ankle are just healing enough to be able to do some digging. I couldn't kneel on it yet, though. And, there you were, moving all those rocks with a tumor!

    I hope your next installment comes soon. I'm hanging on a cliff! I hope you are healing. I just said a prayer for you.


  3. LeSan, once again we are joined by coincidence! You desperately NEED iron, I desperately need to rid my self of iron! Really! I have WAY too much iron in me for my own good. I stick to every magnet I get around (or are they sticking to me?)

    I am waiting for the next installment!

  4. LeSan,
    You are the toughest lady! I am in awe of you. I am enjoying reading about your "adventures." You are insanely funny.
    I could tell you some stories about swiping rocks too, but I am supposed to keep this all hush hush. I can blame it on my Dad, he taught me the fine art of heisting rocks.

  5. Oh boy! You have really been through a lot of painful procedures. I hope you are well now and I am looking forward to the next installment.

  6. Wow, LeSan....this is sounding really serious. You leave us hanging on this cliff, every time. At least, YOU'RE writing this. And, there is that goreous pond and garden. So, I guess things will work out. I'm staying tuned.

  7. Love reading these episodes, LeSan! Somehow I have a feeling the labcoats were looking frantically through textbooks, rather than sitting around like the brilliant Dr. House and his minions cooking up ideas.

    Can't wait till the next installment!

    P.S. Didn't like menopause, eh? LOL

  8. Lesan,

    Your writing is just fabulous... you write about such a scary time in your life with so much humor and tying it into the creating of your water feature... you have me crying and laughing at the same time. I hope all is well with you and that the nasty gnome is gone for good. Please do know that menopause is not as bad as you experienced. Not at all. I am tuned in for the next episode. Carol

  9. I'm sure your doctors would've died if they knew what you were home doing. I love how you tell a story, I can just picture you listening for your husband's car and running to the house to act as if you'd been resting. I'm also the type that would consider sitting in the car driving "resting". Looking forward to your next installment!

  10. LeSan, You write a good read. Take care and get better.

  11. I just wanted to let you know I finally got motivated and did that scrap award. Thanks for thinking of me. You are sweet!

  12. Hi LeSan,

    Send me your email address, mine is at the top of my blog. I do know what you're talking about. I was swallowing more iron than I could pump for years. What a harrowing tale. I like your fortitude. Sometimes I think ignoring the doom and gloom doctors give out as easily as valium prescriptions is a good idea. They can't help it, they do it out of concern, and heads full of statistics. You are certainly not one for the "average" diagnosis. Super writing.

    Take care,


  13. Oh LeSan, you crease me! (that's Yorkshire for 'I found your post really funny'!
    I know it was really serious and I wanted to cry for you but ended up laughing out loud instead - far more healthy I'm sure!
    I think we must be kindred spirits - I was sitting weeding a week after abdominal surgery and beat a hasty retreat into the house when I heard Himself's car coming up the drive ..... but the dirty hands gave me away :)

    I'm loving the way the pond is looking - well done you!

  14. FlowerLady~ I am so glad that I didn’t bore you with too much information syndrome. Thank you for caring about my well being. You are very sweet.

    Sue~ I certainly don’t underestimate a wrenched knew and ankle. That is very painful and they just take forever to heal. It really becomes apparent just how much we use those body parts when they are damaged. You were wise to take care of yourself. Thank you very much for the prayers and hugs.

    Janie~ well, now I just have to know about this excess iron situation you’ve gotten yourself into. I keep picturing refrigerator magnets jumping on you every time you walk past. LOL I actually did have enough iron. I just didn’t have enough blood. The mass amount of iron was to help my body produce the blood faster. I did manage to avoid refrigerator magnets however. heheh

    Rosey~ I am so glad that I have found a kindred rock swiping soul. Kudos to your father, he sounds like a fine man indeed. Thank you so much for reading about my insane quest to garden on a rock. I also enjoy reading your blog very much!

    AZ Plantlady~ Thank you so much for your concern. That is so sweet to hear. I am very well now. The doctors I had were simply the best and I am deeply indebted to say the least.

    Patchwork~ Linda the funny thing is, I actually never intend to leave you guys hanging. I had no idea this would turn into such a crazy saga. We just had a heck of a time while we were doing all this yard stuff.

    Alison~ The labcoats were wonderful! As a frequent customer of the health system here I can say that I always enjoyed the best of care. I do like the idea of House’s minions working on my case though. Heheh I am so glad that you enjoy reading these posts. Thank you. Oh…and no, not such a big fan of the menopause.

    Carol~ Thank you so much for that compliment. The gnome is gone and my health is as good as it ever was. I did hope that I was not getting a preview of the menopause to come so that is nice to hear. Please let that not be it.

    Catherine~ Your comment really made me laugh because you were so right on the mark. I knew you would understand resting while driving. After all you are just sitting there, especially if you drive an automatic.

    Mary Delle~ Thank you for reading my post and thank you very much for your well wishes.

    Barbara~ Thank you so much for the compliment. You are a dear. I never had an iron problem and oddly I didn’t actually have one then. I just didn’t have any blood. Sort of needed a jump start there. I had really great doctors and they were pretty positive with me if not completely befuddled anyway. As for average diagnosis? No, if it’s not something for the odd files I don’t bother getting it I guess. LOL

    Nutty~ Thank you for your Yorkshire translation. I laughed out loud when I read that you wanted to cry for me but just laughed instead. Thank you for laughing at my pain. LOL So did I! The dirty hands gave you away huh? Silly Gnome, that’s what gloves are for. Heheh. Glad to know I’m not the only misbehaving patient out there.
    Thanks so much for the support!

  15. LeSan, you've got me freaking out. Don't keep us waiting too long for the next part of your story! You tell the tale with a humorous aire, but I know how scary it must have really been. It sounds like you've been in excellent hands along the way. I'd tell you "shame on you" for going out and digging while in recovery, but I'd probably have done the same thing...