Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scrappily Honest

This is a slightly different post for me today but then again I don’t really have an actual theme do I? I keep looking for one but just can’t seem to figure it out. I have decided that I will post pictures for no good reason. Why? Because I like them, because it will give you something to look at while you are wondering just why in the world you come to my blog. It will distract you from my writing and you will forget all about that dangling participle or misplaced comma. Quick! Look over there. Ooh pretty flower….

Tara over at Eye Feathers hit me with… I mean honored me with the Honest Scrap Award. It’s sort of like Slug Bug for the Internet. It’s a game, people get hit, somebody cries and someone always gets in trouble. So I said, “You bet I’m in!”
Here are the rules:
You tell ten truthful things about yourself.
You pass the award on. You know like that horrible cold you had last winter.
You include the link for the louse…darn, I mean the super great friend who gave it to you
And include links to your victims, shoot…nominees.
Not only does Tara have a wicked sense of injustice she is also a pretty savvy editor and not to shabby with a pen and paper of her own. She is currently working on a novel for young adults. Give her a visit.

OK so here I go. Just like truth or dare but without the bottle and the cute guy your spin never lands on. At least my hands aren’t sweaty…anymore

Ten truths about me

1. I paint to disaster movies. It keeps the other side of my brain occupied so I can just do and not think. Dante's Peak being a frequent disaster. As a matter of fact the more you watch it the more you see just how big of a disaster it is. Love that movie. hehe
2. I regularly encourage my adult son to quit his day job. He has a good job. I have my reasons.
3. I bite M&Ms in half. OK, there’s no defense for that I just do.
4. When I was a kid in the first two weeks of the school year I would read through all my text books and do all the work. I think I might be an undiagnosed nerd.
5. I saved a man’s life. (not kidding)
6. Painting or sculpture I always hate it right before I am finished. I have learned to stop tossing them out.
6.a. Bonus truth: I secretly want to take back paintings I have sold and “fix” them. My ego is attending group meetings. We’re working it out.
7. When I was kid I ate Peanut M&Ms while watching Sean Connery in Live or Let Die. I got sick. I threw them up. To this day I can not look at a Peanut M without gagging. Looking at Sean Connery, not a problem.
8. I worry that I will die before I have done anything spectacular with my life.
9. I’m not afraid to die. I’m just not interested. No seriously. I’m not interested.
10. While I appreciate grocery stores I hate shopping in them. It’s the lighting and deliberative psychological layout. It rubs my instincts the wrong way.

Now this is the part where I list my victims…I mean my nominees. There is a wonderful mix of characters here so I hope you will stop by each of their blogs if you don’t already. Yes, even if they don’t want to get all honest and stuff. Oh, come on guys, it’s not like I’m asking you to reveal your deepest darkest secrets to the whole wide world. Well, unless you want to that is. I mean that’s ok if you do. It’ll be just between friends. You can totally trust us. It’s only the Internet after all. Who could possibly be watching?

Terry Lynn Johnson: I want to learn more about someone with such an appreciation of nature and her adventurous spirit. Was she outdoorsy as a kid or is this new? Has she ever been attacked by wild animals? What’s the strangest thing she ever ate? Does she secretly wear fuzzy pink slippers because they make her feel girly?

NuttyGnome: Because while we have only just met she sure seems like very interesting character and I have questions. How did she get that way? What is going on in that quirky head of hers? Does she have a maniacal master plan written up somewhere? Does she have minions and what’s the application process for that?

Rosey Pollen: because she just seems really fun, brave and like a pretty cool person. I also bet she has some juicy dark secrets. Hehe Has she ever been in a motorcycle gang or a member of a quilting bee? Does she have a secret talent that we don’t know about?

Janie is a brand new mystery to me. I just met her but I love her energetic spirit, joy for life and I would like to know more about just what makes her tick. What is it that puts that great big light up a room smile on her face?

FlowerLady: My sweet dear friend who has had a pretty interesting life and yet is so shy about it. What wonderful adventures has she had that she keeps stored away in a box at the back of the closet? What makes her such a sweet and thoughtful person? Is it the bread machine or her adventures in Europe? Who is the mysterious DH and does he have anything to do with it? Does she wear fuzzy pink slippers because they make her feel adventurous?

Jeni at Highly Irritable: just because I wanted to see if she would yell at me for tagging her. The woman is a terror and her children are plotting world domination. Seriously, if you want to know the enemy you should read her blog. Her stories are hilarious and so representative of what we’re all thinking but too chicken to say out loud.

Jewel at Pink Ink: this amazing woman is always trying on new hats in her life. She lacks the good sense to be insecure and embarrassed like most of us. She lives boldly, with passion and honesty and I just want to see what she has to say. It should be a lot of fun!

You realize of course that I have we will never hear from these guys and that I have been banned from their blogs. sigh. It is a terrible price we pay for art.
A Post post correction: In item number 7 I stated it was Sean Connery in Live or Let Die. A reader has graciously informed that it was actually Roger Moore in that film. A great big Oops and apology to all involved. I still think Sean Connery is pretty nice to look at though.


  1. Oh, LeSan, I didn't see this coming. I didn't think you were one for memes :-) kidding. My husband would agree with you to say that sometimes it seems as though my senses have fled me :-). I will see what I can come up with...

    You are loaded with interesting stuff here. Anyone who paints to disaster movies has got to be interesting. On #6...sounds like how I feel when I am working on my writing.

  2. want me to confess WHAT? IN PUBLIC?



  3. HI Lesan, I see you have figured it out. All Gardeners have Gardenitce and are nuts.

    Have a great day,

  4. LeSan,
    I loved your reveals! (and your photos!) I will make sure to never give you a certain unmentionable candy. Ughhh...I love Sean Connery, he was and IS a hottie.
    Someday you will have to tell the story of how you saved a man's life!
    I can't believe you found out I was in a motorcyle gang. Darn it.

  5. You want me to say WHAT? In PUBLIC?




  6. LOL! I love it! So my cousin used to bite off the candy coating for an M&M before she'd eat the chocolate--very tidious. It took her an hour to eat one. Looking forward to seeing what your other victims do with the award. Oh, and thanks for not burning me out of your blog list. :]

  7. LeSan,
    I forgot to say Thanks! I will see what I can dig up.

  8. LeSan, your title photo (and all the other photos you post of your garden) show that you will never have to worry about number 8 on your list. You already have created something spectacular!

    Thanks for a fun post.

  9. Hi Le San,

    I love this post and love your writing. I'm intrigued by your desire to get your adult son to quit his job, and your painting to disaster movies. I paint to CBC Radio, and to music --
    the blues, Paul Simon, and my own mix CDs form Itunes. You should try CBC it's Canadian and intelligent. Only disastrous when there is a disaster, which come to think of it can be frequent. Love your blog. Superb writing.

    Take care,


  10. You do have lots of interesting things about you. I wish I could paint, I bet your paintings are beautiful. I also wish I could eat M&M's slow enough to bite in half. They usually go in my mouth in handfuls :)

  11. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments! It was so much fun to read them all. I was laughing with each one and reading them over again. What a wonderful sense of humor and play you have. Thank you for making my day with your fun and witty comments! :-)

    Jewel, I didn’t see it coming either! LOL Tara tagged me and I hadn’t decided if I would be a meme type or not. This one sounded like it could be fun so I went along. I was actually really flattered that she did tag me. You know the crazy thing about painting to the disaster movies is that my paintings are bright happy paintings. Go figure.

    Janie that’s right we want the truth and the whole truth. We know about it all. We just want you to admit to it in public.
    You are too darn funny!! LOL

    John, it is so great to see your comment! I am new to this gardening thing and I think your right. It is an infection of some sort and it seems to have addled my brain. Hehe

    Rosey, my little biker chic friend, thank you so much! Thank you for not mentioning the unmentionables. My husband used to eat them and drink beer at the same time. That is so Wrong! Though I might let Sean Connery get away with it. The story of how I saved a guy’s life is a bit action drama for a garden blog. Though I really don’t spend that much time talking plants do I?

    Janie! Ha you again! Too funny, my Sainted husband was laughing his head off,-just as I was.

    Tara, thank you for tagging me, this was a lot of fun to do! You must have rolled your eyes at your cousin a thousand times. That’s the response I always get anyway. I admire anyone who can take the shells off. That shows dedication.

    Rosey I am looking forward to seeing what you can dig up. LOL And thank you for playing along. :-)

    Alison, that was so very sweet of you to say. I would have never thought that. Thank you so much for that and your generous compliment!

    Barbara, you are too sweet. You have no idea what it means to me when you say you enjoy my writing. The thing about The Boy is that he is insanely talented but he is fiercely responsible. He is young and single so this is the best time to take risks. He just needs to be pushed toward a little recklessness sometimes. I know, bad mother. The disaster movies? It keeps the balance between my right side/left side brain. The CBC sounds like a great station and I love to work my brain. I'm geeky, I read physics for fun so, I have to stop thinking when I am painting. It needs to be more like dancing.

    Catherine, you made me laugh with this. My husband eats M&Ms by the handful as well! He has a sweet tooth and I used to find candy wrappers strewn about the car. He is naturally thin though. I hate him.
    Thank you for the pre-compliment on my paintings. Hehe.

  12. Awesome pictures. I like Dante's Peak too. Disaster movies are great. Can't wait to see 2012.

    Stephen Tremp

  13. Nice Blog. One was Roger Moore in Live and Let die.

  14. Setchmo thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write a comment. I always appreciate that very much.
    Oh, and a great big red faced Oops for the Sean Connery/Roger Moore goof. I was never a very big fan of the 007 movies. I suppose this error makes that pretty clear. Thanks for the correction. I am sure all the Roger Moore fans appreciate that too! I'll make a correction.

  15. Hi LeSan! I just made it to this post. How interesting! I knew there are should be a lot behind the blue gate. You are a very talented person, no doubt! The biggest surprise was about you having an adult sun. You should be kidding. You are a child yourself! Thank you for this post! I did my 10 questions a while ago and then I hid it (I am a shy person). If you want to read it, let me know, and I put it back for several days.