Monday, July 20, 2009

Bits of Monday

This is no way to eat popcorn. I discovered this truth midpoint between my fingertips and the tile.

Here lie the remains of my previous beloved popcorn bowl nestled amidst the lavender, alyssum and poppies. This one was actually the cat's fault. No, really it was!

Oriental lilies should be in bloom at all times. I consider it a cosmic flaw that they are not.
Of course I'm easily distracted and the sound of falling water alerted me to the light playing on this ivy. All is forgiven.
These two have been seen in hushed whispers around dark corners. I fear for the little fishes lives. They are the most innocent creatures I have ever seen. We have only had them for a couple of months and they are completely lacking in fear or good sense for that matter. They follow me around the pond when I am near. If I am actually in the pond they will play around my feet swimming between my legs. I had to scoot them along the other day to avoid a construction related injury. No little fish hard hats. They have yet to determine that the dogs and cats are not going to feed them. More like the other way around. Still the little fishes come, just in case.

This is a recent group of rescued plants. I have found that I derived a deep satisfaction from reviving plants near compost fate. Much less complicated than people and often more rewarding. I am considering wearing a green cape and a spandexy shirt with the name Green Avenger screen printed on it. We'll see how this works out before I commit to the tights.

Turns out I don't have much to say about this. I just love water and I loved the way these looked. The pink sedums surprised me. I just expected green. The little pond in the top picture has far to many lettuce plants but they burn up in the big pond's full sun.
The nasturtiums below belong to one of the streams in the big pond and are blooming very nicely. They are actually in a "pocket bed" that is within the pond liner area. They derive their water directly from the pond. I have several of these little pocket beds that wick up water. It's nice not to have to water something. Well sure, I have to "water" the pond because of it but I only have to toss the hose in.
I have given up hope for rain this summer. I honestly can not remember the last time we had rain of any value. Some time ago it rained off and on for two days but the soil stayed dry as bone. I have been doing my level best to manage the water levels in the well while keeping everything watered, the ponds topped off, laundry, dishes and the much needed shower. It's great to be without a city water bill but this is definitely a personal responsibility situation. If I run the well dry, that's it. Lots of talk and infomercials about conservation, water and otherwise but the quickest way to learn is to run out of your allotment. I am certainly not on any "enlightenment" mission here. I am just learning how to live a little closer to the land and keep my plants alive with a bit left over for a shower. Now that's something I think we can all get behind. Showers.

Tomorrow I plant some plants and consider the existential construct of societal norms and bonds within the world wide web. I'll either come up with something profound or do a really good job of fertilizing the plants. Later I will work on my rain dance.


  1. Lovely blog Lesan! Looks like a little piece of paradise your garden. Beautiful images and wonderful writing. So pleased to have come upon your place here via following Edward Gordon's blog. Where are you exactly in the PNW? Such lushness! Wishing you all the best and much joy in your touching the earth.

  2. Aliaena your comments are very kind and were so nice to see. Thank you!
    I live in the foothills about 30min. East of Seattle. Washington state is indeed a very fertile land and so rich in natural beauty. I feel very fortunate to live here.
    Thank you very much for visiting and for taking the time to write.