Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The undersides

The light turned these ferns a beautiful bronze that I had never seen before. Life can be like that sometimes. It is just a matter of getting the angles right and even the undersides look beautiful.

Wow, so Tuesday came and went without so much as a nod in my general direction. I vowed I would be more productive today. Of course Tuesday was something like 90 degrees and humid so my primary activity was finding shady places to hide out. I have my summer studio set up at the end of the pond and it was probably the least inspirational place to be. Mostly I just collapsed in my chair and stared at the painting I was sure I hated. I hated it less today but then I didn't go near it either.

I did however do this...

Because it has been so hot and sunny the pond has been lower than it should be and some of the liner is showing. I have been balancing the water supply and just can't keep the pond topped up all the way. I figure being exposed to blistering hot sun all summer can not be a good thing for this over priced rubber so something must be done. Besides it really breaks the illusion that I have a natural water event going on if the rubber liner is showing all over. That's like seeing Mickey Mouse smoking. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I added another mini bog.
I use the pink insulation
for a barrier to hold the
soil in place until the plant roots take over. It is filled with clay on the bottom and then good soil higher up away from the water. The insulation acts as a wicking agent and keeps the upper level moist without being boggy like the lower level. I have taken to planting the marigolds directly into the pond this year. They seem to like it there. I put various little plants in there that I hope will fill it out for me. Oh, did you notice the little fishes in the beginning picture? What ever happened to "run and hide?" Silly fish.
I noticed this little view from across the way and had to have it. The daisies seemed to be stealing a peek at the bright colors in the other garden.

I especially appreciated this view this morning. Two years ago this was a flat stretch of weeds and gravel. Just beyond that patch of gold is a 4x6 foot boulder and you can't even see it. I am awed and encouraged at seeing the live transformation of a physical space into something so profoundly different. I guess it just gives me a sense of control to know that I can change something negative into something hopeful and living. I think every morning when I come out here and see the gardens thriving I am reminded that I can have impact and can effect change, creating life out of the dust. I guess its our little way of feeling like gods, creating the world as we go.
And I leave you with green. Because we often forget to look at the green as we are so busy looking for the bright flashes. The greens are beautiful if you just take the time to look.


  1. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing some wonderful photos.

  2. Lovely post LeSan. The bronze of those ferns is really pretty in contrast with the greenery. I love your daisies and other flowers. Your fishies add a nice touch. In your gardens you definitely have created beauty from barrenness.

    Love this thought that you wrote.

    *The light turned these ferns a beautiful bronze that I had never seen before. Life can be like that sometimes. It is just a matter of getting the angles right and even the undersides look beautiful.*

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Bonnie thank you very much for stopping to visit. I am so happy that you liked the photos. I am often taken by how beautiful something can look when you least expect it. I also think digital cameras are the best thing ever invented. Just point and shoot. LOL

  4. Flowerlady it was very nice to see a comment from you and such a nice one at that. Those little fishes have become quite an entertainment for me. I never understood how people became attached to fish but I think I am getting the idea now.