Monday, July 6, 2009

This little corner by the new waterfall was a wonderful surprise to me. I don't remember planning it this way. I probably just tossed some seeds in and hoped for something to take hold. What resulted was this beautiful combination of white alyssum and pink mix candy tuft.
I had just recently removed a large half log that was hiding the pond liner from the middle area of the photo. I replaced it with one of my insane beds. It is ultimately on top of the liner but I used house insulation as a base. It is wicking water up from the pond to create a water table for more of the same candy tuft and alyssum. There is a good layer of excellent soil on top of the insulation. Rocks and logs create a barrier to keep the soil from drifting into the pond.


  1. Wow, whatever you did or didn't do on purpose turned out really lovely. Keep up the great work.


  2. Thank you Flowerlady. I will see what I can do about mastering the act of sheer luck. then I will try my hand at the lotto. LOL