Thursday, July 9, 2009

It is late and I have been working on the pond today building yet another insane bed and bog. I was putting these in the new waterfall area and as I worked the fishes played at my feet. This was a surprise and delight to me. I have not had fish before this summer and I had no idea they were so friendly. I actually had to shoo them out of the way several times so they wouldn't get hurt. Who knew sushi could be so cute.
This is a new view that has just begun to bloom. The daisies were supposed to be 3 feet tall. They are 6 feet. Viva La Horse Poo!

Ahh, and this was how DH spent some time on the Fourth of July. When I told my son we should get dad a hammock for Christmas he scoffed. Oh but I knew this day right here would come. hehe
There will be none of this tomorrow however. We have rented a truck since we stupidly don't own one of our own and, will be picking up load after load of bark, more golden horse poo, wood and straw bales. The plan is two loads of each and that means unloading two loads of each. Nope. No hammock time tomorrow.

I have been having a great time watching this little guy join our garden this year. I had no idea he was even in the area and then one day there he was with his faithful mate by his feathered side. We have had an astonishing amount and variety of birds come to the garden this year. Every day I head out with my coffee in one hand and the camera in the other. Well OK, that's after I have fed everybody with fur, feathers, and fins first but then I'm right out there with the coffee and camera. hmm. where it sits on the table while I go get carrots for the horses who have now seen me and are waiting by the fence. But then it's right out there with the coffee and camera....
Well, time to get some rest so I am fresh as a 6 foot daisy tomorrow. Don't want to be cranky while I'm shoveling horse poo. sigh. I miss my high heels.

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