Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summertime Perfection

It was a perfect Friday afternoon and I was off to Home Depot to search for compost destined plants when I was suddenly shocked into sheer joy by this sight!
This song was playing and it was the most perfect summer moment I think I have ever seen. It filled the summer air. (Edited: since this is an older post the songs have been moved to the end of the play list now but please do make the effort to listen to them. They start with "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Toploader. It really makes the whole moment! )

This river is just down the hill from us. It takes three whole minutes to drive down. I timed it. I have a kayak. Kind of silly I suppose that I was so moved by this little happening along the river today. Maybe I just haven't lived in the country long enough to take this for granted. Perhaps it was the lack of drugs and alcohol or rap music that made this look so wholesome as if to belong to another era. They were actually listening to these songs! Either way I was happy for the innocent summer moment and for my handy camera.

A couple minutes down the road I stopped at this red barn. There is a land use proposal sign up where there used to be Hot Apple Cider signs. They boasted the best apple cider for miles. They may have been right.

The place appears to be empty and abandoned now. Perhaps a victim of the economic turns. When we used to take our meandering drives out this way before moving here I admired this place with it's red barns and promise of fresh apple cider. I am sorry to see it empty. I just loved knowing that it was here. Much like the kids on the bridge. I just loved knowing that this was in the world. I think I need to know that this in the world.

Now when you think of it how many actual working weather vanes do you see anymore? Progress is a wonderful thing but there is a melancholy that comes with saying goodbye to the past, to our youth. That would be the thorn that touched my heart when I came across the bridge party. It gave me comfort and hope to see that those things still exist even when they seem to disappear.

For now I keep working on the locks that close out the past and shut off the future. It's somewhere in between the fence posts that I'm shooting for.

It is 3 AM now and I am going to sleep like a dog. I am going to sleep like I mean it.


  1. Oh my gosh, that just brings tears to my eyes. Fun, innocence, a wonderful sight to see in this day and age. Living where we do we do not see anything like that. And that red barn, aaahhhh! what a lovely relic to a goneby era.

    Thanks for sharing this visual bit for us all to enjoy.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. It was such a delight to see. The music they were playing really made the perfect atmosphere. I couldn't help but burst into smiles.
    As for the red barn, I am hoping that whoever buys it will keep the buildings intact. It would be terrible shame to lose them.